"I bought one of your boards in Huntington Beach a couple of weeks ago and I had to write and tell you how stoked I am with it!!! I wanted a board to leave it in L.A. so I didn't have to pay to fly with it every time I visit my son who is in college here, but I am so stoked I am gonna have to take it back to Maui with me. I can't wait to ride Ho'okipa with it..".MIKE STEPHEN
"Geoff, you are amazing, it did everything exactly as you said. I couldn't imagine that a surfboard could be so perfect"...STEVE P
"This is incredible, I have never surfed this good, ever. You told me that this board would make it easier and I really wanted to believe you but I wasn't that good a surfer, now I've gone up a level possibly two. It's fantastic, thanks" STEVE C Agnes Waters
"I've got a Pro-Model, Diamond Tail, Pro-Finish. This board is high performance and very quick but it is the very best nose-rider that I've ever ridden. Beautiful" Col Sunshine Coast
"I bought my board in Hermosa Beach, it looks beautiful and it surfs so incredibly well. I've read the label on the board and it is obvious that the manufacturing is superior but the way my brand new NaPapa felt on the very first wave, it was as if I knew this surfboard and it just did everything I could do. Amazing!" JOHN R
"Hey, what sort of magic dust are you sprinkling these boards with. We sold this guy a Pro-Model with that Pro type finish at about 10am and at about 2pm, he was in the shop, dripping wet in his steamer, dripping everywhere, trying to tell us how good these boards are. It fantastic. We have never before seen someone so excited. Good Magic Dust!" GAVIN Los Angles
"I got the 9' with the Volan/Clear Glass with the Pin-Lines when I was on holidays at Noosa and I allowed myself 2 days to drive home to Sydney. It took 2 weeks, I couldn't help myself, I just had to stop and surf everywhere I could on the way back. This board is fantastic and it is fast. Thanks for making a truly magnificient board." IAN A
"We really bought our board to ge our 9 year old daughter into surfing, but when I took it out to show my little girl how to catch and ride a wave, (I ride a shortboard ) it blew me away, it turned with more power and went faster than my board and very easy to paddle. I was thinking that I would have to get one, but then, they told me at the shop that your shortboards were loose and very fast. So now I have fast and super fast!" PAUL C Gold Coast Mini Mal/Shortboard